2018 TEDxBismarck: Level Up


Jeffon Seely | Diversity, Inclusion, and Consciousness

Jeffon asks the important question, "Do we actually care about the well-being of others that we share the planet with?" He shares three elements that are essential for us as human beings to begin to embrace that will allow us to create a future and a world that works for everyone.


Kimberly Tilsen Brave-Heart | Choosing the Path of Passion: Pause, Reflection, and Finding Purpose.

Kimberly speaks about how her husband's grand mal seizure inspired them to start their own catering business. She encourages people to reflect on their life as a whole and think about what brings them joy in life's pauses.


Scott Brown | The 400-Year-Old Secret to Finding Your Best Idea

Scott invites people to tweek the way they look at things and they will find there are more opportunities available. He asks the question, "How can we invent something new when the script is over 400-years-old?"

Terry Eckmannm PhD | The Power of Simple Choices

TEDxBismarck Terry speaks about how making simple choices can help compound into a healthier and happier life. She gives specific lifestyle choices people can be implemented to live a better life. Terry Ferebee Eckmann, Ph.D.


Tom Indigo | A Mentalist Guide to Social Interaction

Tom shares three life hacks which are key to building good habits for social interaction. He shares that these tricks will help in every aspect of life because people interact with others in everyday life.


Sue Hamilton | Beacon of Hope in the Darkness of Addiction

Sue uses her personal life past experiences as an addict to explain the addicted mindset. She encourages people to become a beacon of hope to others in this epidemic of addiction.

Jon Rask | North Dakota Culture... on the Moon & Mars?

Jon talks about his belief that North Dakotians are well suited to colonize Mars because of their culture. He also showcases some prototyping technologies NASA is testing in North Dakota universities.


Danita Bye | Millennial Leadership: Stop Complaining, Start Coaching

Danita speaks about how millennials want a coach and a mentor rather than a boss. She asks the questions "What are the coaching and mentoring micro-moves that we can make that will have a major lifetime empire state building impact on our millenials?"


Dave Gilbertson | Leading with Laughter: 7 Lessons in Leadership from Stand-Up Comedians

Dave shares how his past experience touring with comedian Louie Anderson helped influenced him to develop seven tools for people's leadership kit. Dave Gilbertson currently serves as VP, Strategy & Operations for Kronos Software, advising the senior leadership team in crafting its long-term strategy and enabling international growth.


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