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Dr. Anthony Tello

Dr. Anthony Tello received his undergraduate education at the University of North Dakota. He received his medical schooling at CETEC University Medical School, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. His residency was completed at Trenton Affiliated Hospitals, Trenton, N.J. Dr. Tello enjoys golf, hunting, scuba diving, traveling and boating.

Bridger Anderson

At just 11 years old, Bridger Anderson wants to show the world that you’re never too young (or old) to be charitable and make a difference. Since the age of 7, Bridger has been focused on helping others around the world gain access to clean water. He came home from school one day with the idea of saving his allowance and sending his first $100 to help people in Africa. That week, he launched his very first clean water campaign through charity: water. In the past 5 years, Bridger has raised over $38,000 for water projects in Ethiopia and Rwanda through his yearly Clean Water for Christmas campaign, where he gives up Christmas gifts in hopes of encouraging and inspiring others to give money that will bring the gift of water to communities in need. Bridger attends Horizon Middle School in Bismarck, ND and enjoys playing soccer and football, writing, drawing, choir, and learning to play the piano and guitar. Bridger's website.

Dr. Debora Hansen Dragseth

Dr. Debora Hansen Dragseth is a professor of business and the Director of the Theodore Roosevelt Honors Leadership Program at Dickinson State University. Dragseth has won national awards for her writing from the National Federation of Press Women. She develops leadership curriculum for Fortune 100 companies and has been a recent contributor to New Geography, India Times, CNN.com and MSN.com. Her work has been cited in both Forbes and Newsweek magazines. Theodore Roosevelt, like Dragseth, loved the people, the culture, the scenery and the opportunities offered by the Dakotas. TR wrote, “ There was much hard work and some risk...but also much fun.” Dragseth asks us to consider if these traits, dating back to the settlement of this territory, are still valued today. Can a state of happiness be found in the state of North Dakota?

Gwyn Ridenhour

Gwyn Ridenhour is an educational advocate, children’s librarian, and founder and writer of the popular education blog STEAM-Powered Classroom. Since 2009, she has combined elements of public school, home education, online learning, and private mentorship to create a student-led, hybrid education for her two children. As a result, her 11-year old daughter is now a six-time self-published author and has presented to hundreds of kids throughout the state and across the world; her musical son just graduated from high school at 14 with a professionally produced album and plans to fully pursue a music career. In 2012, the Bismarck school district invited Gwyn to conduct a series of listening sessions with students, teachers, and administrators to help them identify their ideal learning situations; new elementary and high schools are currently implementing many of the lessons learned there. Gwyn works now with home and public educators alike, advocating for out-of-the-box, student-led, cross-curricular learning for all kids.

Jim Kambeitz

Eight years ago Jim Kambeitz faced a choice: have another knee surgery or do yoga to heal and realign his joints properly. He had lost his ability to walk, so he knew that if he was to heal he’d need to commit to a serious daily practice. Months later, Jim was surprised to find that in addition to healing his knee to the point that surgery was no longer necessary, yoga cured his asthma, joint and stomach pain, sharpened his mind, and transformed his life. Jim enjoys sharing the healing power of yoga and meditation as a yoga teacher and filmmaker. He has spent much of the past 20 years traveling the world, learning languages and studying under gurus from India and Europe to Brazil. He earned his Masters in Film Theory at UND and studied cinematography at the Polish National Film School. Jim and his wife, Angie, have produced three yoga DVDs that are being distributed in over 60 countries. He is currently writing a script for a feature-length film that he would like to someday shoot in North Dakota.

Dr. Lezlie Link

At age 18, Dr. Link decided she wanted to change the face of our current medical system. Her journey took her to the University of Minnesota and Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine to learn a diverse approach to medicine and health. She realizes her early dreams in daily private practice in her native city of Bismarck, ND. An entrepreneur and clinician, Dr. Link co-owns Core Health Strategies, PLLC where she helps patients strategize ways to heal and reach their health potential.

Scott Samuelson

Scott Samuelson studied philosophy at Grinnell College (BA, 1995, valedictorian) and Emory University (PhD, 2001). Since 2000 he has taught at Kirkwood Community College in Iowa. Inspired by his students, he wrote his first book The Deepest Human Life: An Introduction to Philosophy for Everyone (University of Chicago Press, 2014). He also writes movie reviews for Little Village and hosts Ethical Perspectives on the News, a Sunday-morning talk show on KCRG, the local ABC affiliate. For a decade he moonlighted as an occasional sous-chef at Simone’s Plain and Simple, a French restaurant on a gravel road. He’s published articles in the Wall Street Journal, the Huffington Post, the Chronicle of Higher Education, The Philosopher’s Magazine, and The Atlantic.On top of his job at Kirkwood, he teaches philosophy at Oakdale Prison. He’s currently working on his second book, Seven Ways of Looking at Pointless Suffering.



President & CEO, Greater North Dakota Chamber Andy Peterson is the President & CEO of the Greater North Dakota Chamber. He has served in the position since October 2010. Prior to his current position, Andy served as the Director of Public Policy for the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce for 12 years.

Molly Herrington is a North Dakota native, filled with ambitious dreams and a driven personality. She is dedicated to growing and diversifying North Dakota’s economy through work with individual communities as well as grass roots business ventures. Molly works with KLJ in their Government Relations Group where she empowers clients across the Upper Midwest to pursue a variety of funding opportunities for their projects. Her work with clients extends into all aspects of economic development including project coordination and facilitation, as well as community strategy development. Since 2007, Molly has been working with a wide range of grass-roots businesses to build infant concepts and integrate them into the marketplace. Molly also works closely with the I.D.E.A. Center where she assists startup businesses with business plan development and serves as a grant writer for the Center. In her free time, Molly works with the Bismarck Rotary, NDSU Extension, Bismarck-Mandan Young Professionals Network and serves as a Junior Achievement Facilitator where she focuses on connecting the youth of ND with the global business community. Out of the professional scene, Molly is an avid traveler, fleeing ND frequently to get a taste of the bigger picture from a different culture’s perspective.